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Celebrating 8 Years and Unveiling a New Chapter at CraftnDraft! 🎉

Hey there, wonderful friends of CraftnDraft! Can you believe it’s been 8 incredible years since I embarked on this creative journey? 🚀 August 28th holds a special place in my heart, not just because it marks my business anniversary, but also because it’s a day that symbolizes resilience and growth for me.

The Naive Start: Back then, diving into the world of graphic design felt like a whirlwind of possibilities. Starting on the 25th anniversary of the Plainfield tornado was symbolic—it was about embracing change and transformation. With my daughters off to school, I took a leap into the unknown, eager to learn and grow.

The Evolution of a Dream: The idea for this blog has been simmering pretty much since the beginning. It’s a space to blend personal stories with business insights. “Stacy’s Brushstrokes” will be a vibrant mix of my creative journey intertwined with practical tips for fellow entrepreneurs and a good dose of celebrations too.

From Chalkboard Quotes to Unveiling Identity: My very first digital creations were chalkboard quotes. Time has flown, and now, as I look back, I see a trail of passion and progress. This venture began with taking control of a date laden with emotions, I wanted to inspire and create and now I stand stronger, ready to continue sharing my gifts and fostering new connections.

CraftnDraft Logo from 2015 - Chalkboard font on black background

CraftnDraft Logo Design – 2015

Embracing Challenges: One of the most humbling parts of this journey has been narrowing down my focus. From invitations & custom gifts to logo design and branding, the journey hasn’t always been smooth. Challenges, like pricing and self-confidence, became stepping stones to growth.

A Fresh Online Space: As you take a stroll through my new website, you’ll see a transformation that mirrors my journey. There’s more white space and breath, reflecting a renewed energy and focus. It’s an inviting, informative hub to showcase my work, passion for design and the services I offer.

What to Expect: Get ready for a sprinkle of personal stories, design tips, and even freebies to make your visual journey smoother. But this blog isn’t just about me—it’s about us, our growth, and the magic that happens when creativity and entrepreneurship collide. It may sound cliché, but I wouldn’t be sharing this blog TODAY if it weren’t for each of YOU.

Celebrating Client Success: I’m excited to share heartwarming stories about remarkable entrepreneurs like Michele Yarbrough, the visionary behind The Armory Bookstore, in Monroe, GA, and Kris Yoder, the baking genius behind Mama Ks Buns in Greencastle, PA.

Michele’s journey from “You Were Made to Bloom” to reigniting the local Christian bookstore, and Kris’s transition from a home-based bakery to a bustling storefront, serve as vibrant reminders of the magic of community and forging meaningful connections. It’s almost serendipitous how our paths crossed, initially sparked by logo design projects, only to evolve into true friendships with both Michele and Kris. This is just the beginning of the wonderful stories and people I’m excited for you to meet. I wholeheartedly believe that God’s hand is guiding these connections, and I’ve been blessed with the gift of making new friends and uniting kindred spirits for a reason.

Crafting Unique Brands: So what makes me stand apart from the rest? I pride myself in a personalized touch, understanding the heartbeat of small businesses, and an unwavering passion for creativity. I’m here to empower you, cheer for you, and be your design ally and friend. But don’t just take my word for it, read what other clients have said about their experience working with me.

Join the Journey: I invite you to join me on this exciting adventure. Let’s explore design, small business, and life’s beautiful chaos together. Your insights, questions, and presence are not just welcomed, but appreciated. As I stand here at this milestone, I’m incredibly grateful. Grateful for this journey, even the challenges, and especially for the opportunities ahead. So, let’s embrace this new chapter together!! Subscribe to my email newsletter for exclusive content, updates, and a front-row seat to the CraftnDraft story.

Cheers to 8 years and the vibrant road ahead! 🥂

Wrapping it up with boundless gratitude,

Your go-to small business champion, design enthusiast, biz bestie and now your personal website guide,


P.S. Dreaming of a stunning website like mine? Let’s connect and have a conversation about crafting a website that perfectly showcases your unique brand. I can’t wait to help you shine online!

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